Sakiwiba Sikota’s Name Appears In The List Released By Fic, For Money Laundering

FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre) is a noted intelligence agency from Zambia, specializing in investigating financial-fraud and related activities. FIC recently released a list of names of individuals who were suspected in a mass money laundering racket. This list comprised of prominent business and government individuals such as lawyers, law firm owners, legal counsellors, government contractors, government officials and even some ministers. From the report released, it is expected that these people are engaged in money laundering activities for a long time. Continue reading →

Sakwiba Sikota And Other Prominent Lawyers Suspected Of Money Laundering

The Zambian government is certainly facing a dark period in their law and order with the revelation of mass money laundering racket under their nose. FIC (Financial Intelligence Agency) is a noted intelligence firm of Zambia which recently discovered this money laundering racket. The worst part of this racket is that it involves some of the prominent names in the legal industry of Zambia. With this exposure of the racket, the FIC also released a list of names of prominent government contractors, political figures, and Continue reading → Continue reading →

Sakwiba Sikota Among Those Caught In Money Laundering Racket

Zambian government was recently exposed to one of the biggest scams in its history. The FIC, an intelligence agency, discovered mass money laundering racket by some of the prominent names in the political, corporate and government areas. These are high profile legal counselors, government contracts, political figures, law firm owners and even ministers. Reports from the investigation also revealed that the current list of names is expected to increase as and when investigation strengthens. Continue reading →

Lusaka High Court Looks To Close The Zambezi Portland Case Soon

Zambian citizens are very much aware of Dr. Rajan Mahtani. He is a well-known businessman credited for some of the most profitable and rewarding companies in Zambia. Some of his most famous companies include Mahtani Group of Industries and Finsbury Investments. He was also the Chairman of Finance Bank Zambia before giving away the bank to another entity and focus on his other start-ups and business investments. During his tenure, Finance Bank Zambia was among the premier banking and financial service providers of the nation. Continue reading → Continue reading →

Lusaka High Court Looks To Close Zambezi Case Soon

The Lusaka High Court which is currently handling the case of Zambezi Portland Cement is looking to close this case, which has been pending for the past nine years. The case is the high-profile corporate case between Dr. Rajan Lekhraj Mahtani, a noted philanthropist- businessman and the Ventriglias, the infamous Italian family in Zambia. The case took a form when the Ventriglias illegally took hold of the Zambezi Portland Cement. As per the claims of Dr. Mahtani, the legal ownership of the factory belongs to Continue reading → Continue reading →

Lusaka High Court Proceeds Further In The Zambezi Portland Cement Case

As per the latest information provided by the Lusaka High Court, the case hearing between Dr. Mahtani and the Ventriglias duo Antonio Ventriglia & his wife Manuela Ventriglia. This case is for the shareholding ownership of Zambezi Portland Cement, a premier cement manufacturing company in Zambia. As per the claims made by Dr. Rajan Mahtani, the Ventriglias have illegally captured the factory when he is the sole owner and joint-venture partner of the factory. The Ventriglias, on the other hand, have claimed that the shares Continue reading → Continue reading →

Dr. Rajan Mahtani Positive Of The Court’s Judgement, This Time

Over the years, Zambia has seen various improvements in its economy. Corruption and illegal activities have reduced and overall government as well as non-governmental organizations have started to work as per standard procedures. However, the legal system needs improvement, especially in terms of fast-track court and their judgment procedures. Take the example of Zambezi Portland Cement. The case has been lying at the Lusaka High Court for more than nine years. Even though many experts have already provided their views regarding the right judgment, the Continue reading → Continue reading →

With Lusaka Hc’s New Announcement, Conspirators Taking Step Back

Dr. Rajan Mahtani is a noted businessman in Zambia. Over the years, he has successfully established various businesses and companies across the nation. Some of his most famous establishments are Mahtani Group of Industries and Finsbury Investments Limited. He is also the legal owner of the Zambezi Portland Cement but is fighting with the Ventriglias for its ownership. As per the claim, the Ventriglias have illegally taken over the cement factory. This event occurred nine years back and since then, a fight has been going Continue reading → Continue reading →

Dr. Rajan Mahtani Relieved As Lusaka Hc Looks To Close The Zpc Case

The Lusaka High Court which has been handling the Zambezi Portland Cement dispute recently announced new update on the case. As per the judge, the hearing has been concluded and the case is nearing an end. This has given a huge relief to Dr. Rajan Mahtani, who has been fighting for the rightful ownership of the ZPC for more than nine years. The judge will be announcing final judgment after receiving oral and written submissions from both contestants. The final period of submitting the submissions Continue reading → Continue reading →