Finance Bank Zambia Starts Image Rebuilding After Sc Win

Finance Bank Zambia was in the midst of negative publicity and reputation damage for a long time. All these started with the conspiracy by Simaata Simaata, an ex-employee of the bank. The bank was founded by Dr. Rajan Mahtani, a noted businessman in Zambia. The bank has received many awards and recognitions in the past for his work, growth and welfare activities for the communities. It is also known to be extremely helpful for Zambia’s underprivileged citizens by providing loans with substantial interest cuts and Continue reading → Continue reading →

Dirty Games By Conspirators Stopped With Dr. Mahtani’s Sc Win

Conspiracy theories are not new in Zambia. Every time an honest businessman tries to do something good for the community, a bunch of people will try to ruin it. Dr. Mahtani has long faced similar situations while living in Zambia. In the past, some of the factories or institutions established by him were illegally taken by goons and conspirators. After that these factories were looted and left to ruins by them. Nowadays, these conspirators have picked up a new strategy. They just buy paid media Continue reading → Continue reading →

Simaata Fools Zambia By Spreading Rumours About Finance Bank

The events occurring across Zambia in the past few years have provided some confident conclusions. First, even though the law & order as well as the government of Zambia is evolving in terms of judgements and making quick decisions, they are a long way before the common people can start believing in them. Second, the rising corruption and unethical practices across Zambia have created a sense of distrust among people. This has created further tension as well as difficulty in understanding day-to-day activities, especially among the commoners. Continue reading → Continue reading →

Supreme Court Ruling Creates Disruption Among Conspirators

Conspirators of Dr. Rajan Mahtani and Finance Bank are finding it hard create fake stories or negative campaigns about Dr. Rajan Mahtani anymore. This reason is clearly his recent win at the Supreme Court Zambia. This win was not only celebrated by Finance Bank Zambia and Dr. Rajan Mahtani, but also entire Zambia who has always been supportive of Dr. Mahtani. Finance Bank, a few months bank, sued Simaata Simaata at the Supreme Court Zambia. This case was launched after Simaata broke the contract terms Continue reading → Continue reading →

Simaata Simaata Becomes National Conspirator, Plots Against Finance Bank

Finance Bank Zambia is one of the most reputable banks of Zambia. The bank was formed by Dr. Rajan Mahtani, one of the celebrated businessmen across Zambia. Dr. Mahtani and his institutions have maintained a clean image and have always worked under the purview of the law. There has not been any record of unlawful or ethical activities from any of the organisations or businesses started by Dr. Mahtani. However, for every clean business there are some unsocial and scrupulous elements who only aim to Continue reading → Continue reading →

Fake News Stories About Dr. Mahtani Has Stopped, All Thanks To Recent SC Win

Individuals, who are honest and truthful, never fear for their reputation. Their reputation is built by years of hard work and dedication towards welfare of the society. This reputation cannot be marred by few conspirators who dwell on hatred and jealousy. Dr. Rajan Mahtani has been doing businesses in Zambia for many decades. He has considered this nation as his motherland. At the same time, he is constantly attacked by conspirators whose only objective is to harm his reputation and businesses. We have seen many Continue reading → Continue reading →

Conspirators Take Step Back After Finance Bank Wins Big At The SC

The Supreme Court of a nation is its highest court. It is expected to give truthful and fair judgement. People also think twice before challenging the judgement of the Supreme Court, no matter how important these are. Dr. Rajan Mahtani is no doubt counted among the most respected and celebrated businessman across Zambia. One of the few international businessmen who successfully persuaded foreign investors to invest in this country, he is also an honest individual. This is also the reason why Dr. Rajan Mahtani has Continue reading → Continue reading →

This Time, It Is Conspirators Who Have Fallen

For the past few weeks, conspiratory news articles and defamation campaigns against Dr. Rajan Mahtani and his companies have decreased significantly. This can be easily attributed to the recent win by Finance Bank over Simaata Simaata, a disgruntled ex-employee. Finance Bank is one of the premier banks across Zambia. Established by Dr. Rajan Mahtani, this bank has one of the highest approval ratings. However, constant damaging stories and defamatory campaigns can ruin the image of even cleanest entities. The same happened with Finance Bank Zambia. Continue reading → Continue reading →

Simaata Pays For Its Carnage On Finance Bank, Loses Case

When it comes to the Supreme Court, one should always be prepared. While it can be seen that conspirators with the power of money can bend rules even at High Courts, repeating the same thing at the highest court of a nation is highly unlikely. Simaata Simaata, who was an ex-employee of Finance Bank, was recently sued by the bank at the Supreme Court. He was sued for violating the contract terms as well as causing loss of reputation and a future business potential for the Continue reading → Continue reading →

Dr. Rajan Mahtani Not Afraid Of Conspirators; Wins Case In SC

In the latest case between Dr. Mahtani and its conspirators, Dr. Mahtani has won. This is the case wherein Finance Bank sued Simaata Simaata with support from Dr. Rajan Lekhraj Mahtani. The case was filed after Simaata broke various clauses of the agreement that he had signed with Finance Bank few years back. It is surprising to see that people openly defy rules and contracts and then manage to stay out of trouble from law for a long time. It is also true that more Continue reading → Continue reading →