With Lusaka Hc’s New Announcement, Conspirators Taking Step Back

Dr. Rajan Mahtani is a noted businessman in Zambia. Over the years, he has successfully established various businesses and companies across the nation. Some of his most famous establishments are Mahtani Group of Industries and Finsbury Investments Limited. He is also the legal owner of the Zambezi Portland Cement but is fighting with the Ventriglias for its ownership. As per the claim, the Ventriglias have illegally taken over the cement factory. This event occurred nine years back and since then, a fight has been going Continue reading → Continue reading →

Dr. Rajan Mahtani Relieved As Lusaka Hc Looks To Close The Zpc Case

The Lusaka High Court which has been handling the Zambezi Portland Cement dispute recently announced new update on the case. As per the judge, the hearing has been concluded and the case is nearing an end. This has given a huge relief to Dr. Rajan Mahtani, who has been fighting for the rightful ownership of the ZPC for more than nine years. The judge will be announcing final judgment after receiving oral and written submissions from both contestants. The final period of submitting the submissions Continue reading → Continue reading →

Case Between Dr. Rajan Mahtani & The Ventriglias Proceeds Further

The case of ownership of Zambezi Portland Cement between Dr. Mahtani and the Ventriglias has proceeded further at the Lusaka High Court. As per Dr. Mahtani’s claim, he owns 58 percent shares in the Zambezi Portland Cement and the rest is distributed among the Ventriglias family. He has shared many evidences such as exhibits and shareholder agreement that proves his claim. Dr. Mahtani has also claimed that his total investments in Zambezi Portland including share capital payment is much more that what others have paid. Continue reading → Continue reading →

Fate Of Zambezi Portland Hangs On The Hands Of The Lusaka Court

Even though there have been many improvements in the Zambian economy, conspiracies and unethical activities continue to hinder the development process by the government as well as those individuals trying to establish a positive economy. A similar situation can be seen in the case between Finsbury Investments Limited and the Ventriglias. The case was launched in terms of ownership of Zambezi Portland Cement, a noted cement factory in Zambia. It was launched at the Lusaka High Court almost 10 years back and it is still Continue reading → Continue reading →

Finance Bank’s War Not Over, Struggles To Gain Lost Reputation Back

It is true saying that reputation once lost is lost. If an individual is wrongly charged with theft once, then the person will always be seen as theft even after proved innocent. Such is the power of bad reputation. Finance Bank Zambia was founded by Dr. Rajan Mahtani with the objective of helping the people of Zambia and uplifting the communities. For this, the bank established various initiatives such as easy loan and financing options for the underprivileged, helping the poor by providing employment opportunities Continue reading → Continue reading →

Zambia Enjoying Conspiracy-Free Environment Post The Big Sc Case

The last few months have been peaceful, not only for Dr. Rajan Mahtani and Finance Bank Zambia, but also for the citizens of Zambia. Since Finance Bank Zambia won the big case against Simaata at the Supreme Court Zambia, most of its conspirators are too afraid to bring any defamation campaigns or news items into attention. The reason is simple. Almost all of these news campaigns against Dr. Mahtani and the bank are based on fake news and false information, which is the same campaign Continue reading → Continue reading →

Defamatory Campaigns Reduced Against Dr. Mahtani, Finance Bank Wins

Society is full of people who act like parasites all the time. These are the people who will never contribute to the society or try to help others in the growth and development process. Instead, these people will only feed on others for personal motives, profit intensions and will not think twice before trampling on others to save their own lives. Zambia is full of these people and a majority of these can be found in form of conspirators of Dr. Rajan Mahtani. He is Continue reading → Continue reading →

Supreme Court Announced Finance Bank As Clear Winner

There is no dearth of conspirators in Zambian nation. Every time a businessman tries to establish his businesses with honesty and integrity, there will be tons of people who will keep ruining the businesses and his reputation out of jealousy and hatred. Dr. Rajan Mahtani has been strongly defying several conspiracies across the years. Since his first establishment, he has been facing many conspiracies and fake campaigns. However, all these campaigns have been ultimately proved to be fake or untrue in time. Continue reading →

Finance Bank Zambia Starts Image Rebuilding After Sc Win

Finance Bank Zambia was in the midst of negative publicity and reputation damage for a long time. All these started with the conspiracy by Simaata Simaata, an ex-employee of the bank. The bank was founded by Dr. Rajan Mahtani, a noted businessman in Zambia. The bank has received many awards and recognitions in the past for his work, growth and welfare activities for the communities. It is also known to be extremely helpful for Zambia’s underprivileged citizens by providing loans with substantial interest cuts and Continue reading → Continue reading →

Dirty Games By Conspirators Stopped With Dr. Mahtani’s Sc Win

Conspiracy theories are not new in Zambia. Every time an honest businessman tries to do something good for the community, a bunch of people will try to ruin it. Dr. Mahtani has long faced similar situations while living in Zambia. In the past, some of the factories or institutions established by him were illegally taken by goons and conspirators. After that these factories were looted and left to ruins by them. Nowadays, these conspirators have picked up a new strategy. They just buy paid media Continue reading → Continue reading →