Lusaka High Court Looks To Close The Zambezi Portland Case Soon

Zambian citizens are very much aware of Dr. Rajan Mahtani. He is a well-known businessman credited for some of the most profitable and rewarding companies in Zambia. Some of his most famous companies include Mahtani Group of Industries and Finsbury Investments. He was also the Chairman of Finance Bank Zambia before giving away the bank to another entity and focus on his other start-ups and business investments. During his tenure, Finance Bank Zambia was among the premier banking and financial service providers of the nation. The bank also received various awards and accolades during his tenure.

High Court

Another entity which is rightfully his is Zambezi Portland Cement. The case for the legal ownership of the cement factory has been going on at the Lusaka High Court for the past nine years. Most of the people who are aware of this case are also aware of the fact that the cement factory’s condition when Dr. Mahtani was the owner was very different from its current situation. The factory is currently under seizure by the Ventriglias, the infamous Italian family in Zambia. While the Ventriglias illegally captured the factory and defended themselves by saying that the shares of Dr. Mahtani in the Cement factory were not paid for; they are running very low in terms of respective evidence and facts to prove their statement. Dr. Mahtani, on the other hand, has continuously submitted financial, legal and authenticated evidence to support his true ownership. He is the sole joint-venture partner of the factory and owns 58 percent shares. This automatically gives him the legal ownership. Reports have suggested that the judge handling this case is also bending on the same side; owing to the number of evidence submitted by Dr. Mahtani and his team which is much more compared to those submitted by the Ventriglias.

The judge has announced that final judgment will be given soon and most of the analysts and reporters are predicting a huge win for Dr. Mahtani at last.